Burn Blue Award

Embodying Burn Blue’s mission point to “Raise the level of blues dancing for existing dancers”, the Burn Blue Award encourages dancers in the Burn Blue community to improve various aspects of their dancing every month. It seeks to further excellence and growth in the Seattle Blues dance community.

Nominate a dancer!

Send your nomination to burnblueaward@gmail.com or place it in the Burn Blue Award folder at any dance.

Remember to give reasons and describe why the nominee should be awarded the monthly prize. State what the nominee is working on and how they are working on it.

Nominations are taken during the first three weeks of the month. The award is announced at the dance on the first Tuesday of the month. Prizes are awarded based on the quality of the written submission and validity of reasons given. Submissions are judged by the Burn Blue Award committee. At times guest judges will be appointed.


Nominees must be seeking to improve at least one aspect of their personal dance ability. Examples include blues dance technique (blues walk, pulse, turns, body alignment etc), blues musicality, partnering, social aspects of dance (asking more beginners to dance, floor etiquette, etc).


Both the winning nominee and their nominator are awarded prizes. Prizes will be community driven and may include but are not limited to private lessons, dance entries, music, etc.

Other Rules

If a winning nominee has more than one nominator, the nominator with the most applicable submission will be awarded a prize. In other words, only one nominator will be awarded a prize every month